Self-Assist tools For Easier Chronic Condition Management

Chronic Health Conditions Need Active Management

Chronic Health Conditions Need Active Management

Chronic diseases and health conditions are often incurable and can adversely impact the longevity and quality of a person’s life if not managed actively.  The wide prevalence of these conditions along with the fact that they are often preventable and frequently manageable with early detection and with the right health practices, calls for more focus on empowering patients in ongoing self-care.

Mobile Apps Function as Handy Self Assist Healthcare Tools

Self-assist digital tools aim to provide patients, with chronic conditions, the resources to track and manage their conditions themselves so they can maintain a better quality of life.  Mobile apps are effective tools that provide self-assistance to patients with chronic conditions. These mobile apps range from simple apps that deal with tracking chronic headaches and weight management to more complex apps those help with management of diabetes, hypertension or arthritis.

Self-assist apps help patients record their symptoms, get algorithm-based recommendations, find relevant educational resources from curated databases, get access to health tips and articles, get medication reminders, connect with other patients on forums and communities and reach out to caretakers and doctors in cases of emergency

Tools to Manage Type 1 Diabetes and Hypertension

BTC has worked with healthcare organizations to build rich native mobile apps that function as self-assist tools. The Engine1 app was developed for patients with Type 1 diabetes who want to balance an active lifestyle while managing their diabetes.

The DASH diet-based app is for weight and hypertension condition management by adopting a fitness regimen along with healthy and balanced nutrition.

The mobile apps integrated with 3rd party systems and databases and had a complex set of algorithms to handle the multiple factors that impact the health and well-being of patients with these chronic health conditions. The apps also had a novel UI/UX design to ensure that patients used these apps on an ongoing basis to make a positive impact on their quality of life.

Technology Has the Power to Improve Lives

The lives of patients with chronic diseases can be significantly improved if they are given the tools they need to keep track of and manage their condition. It is time to harness the power of technology towards this end by building more such self-assist apps to help address this widely prevalent and persisting healthcare challenge.