On-Demand Consults: Bridging Gaps in Timely Healthcare

A quick read on the benefits of Telehealth solutions in today’s world

Given the hectic pace of everyday life these days and the increasing instances of unplanned doctor visits, patient consumers find it very convenient to have a way to speak to a doctor at any time without necessarily having a pre-scheduled appointment. Likewise, if they stay in a place located far away from their preferred clinic.

Telemedicine solutions cater to such needs by allowing patients to reach out to doctors at any time for e-consults over chat, audio or video calls. When packaged into a smartphone application, the patient has a powerful tool at their disposal to reach out to doctors at any time for timely advice and opinions. Having realized the importance of telemedicine solutions, hospitals and clinicians are increasingly offering their services for on-demand consults via apps and tele-solutions. According to the 2018 U.S. Telemedicine Industry Benchmark Survey1 conducted by ReachHealth, more than half of the respondents said they have employed an enterprise approach to telemedicine; nearly a 23% increase from 2017. The study also found that the top 4 objectives of respondents’’ telemedicine programs are patient-focused, a trend observed since 2015 and rightly so, given the key role patient experience plays in the success of these programs.

Of the many benefits of telemedicine solutions such as fruitful patient engagement, better patient care, and improved patient outcomes, is the ability to stay connected with patients who are physically located in faraway locations. The trend of telemedicine has thus caught on, not only in developed and urban areas but also in semi-urban and rural areas and across countries. For remote or poor connectivity areas, ‘progressive web apps’ and telemedicine solutions that are specially designed to work well even in low bandwidth environments, are good options to go with.

If you are a hospital, caregiver or wellness provider that services the patient community, it is time to seriously think of having a telemedicine solution as an offering. Build a sleek mobile app that allows your patients to securely log in, view their records, report symptoms, and request e-consults via chat, audio or video calls with clinicians listed in the app. Provide the clinicians with an app to view consult requests, take calls. Key in the summary of the appointment after it is over (complete with notes and prescriptions, as applicable) and deliver the same to patients over email or in their app. Seamless and hassle-free. And beneficial to both the patients and the providers in a way that truly transforms modern-day healthcare.

1. https://reachhealth.com/resources/telemedicine-industry-survey/