Mobility Solutions for Research Studies

Why Go Mobile for your next Research Study

Mobile applications can change your entire approach to research and clinical studies, making it easier than ever for your patients to enroll, provide consent, submit information to determine test eligibility, and agree to participate.

By simplifying the process, you are offering a more streamlined entry into your study: with your app available on any platform, you are providing an easy and engaging way for your subjects to participate – and as we all know, the easier and more engaging a process is, the better your chances of success.

Increase operational efficiencies

Boost your productivity and maximize your organizational efforts:

1. Launch studies in a fraction of the time
2. Collect patient data remotely
3. Store this information in a secure cloud
4. Access from any connected device

Boost patient recruitment by using the mobile medium

A mobile research app gives you access to a wider pool of patients across more locations. Your app can be further configured to track patients’ activity, collect survey data and more.

This impacts your efforts in several ways:

1. It removes geographical restrictions giving you access to a more diverse group of subjects, and higher numbers of qualified subjects.
2. Offering open enrollment as well as self-enrollment provides patients with greater control.
3. Reduces the burden on the patient
4. Provides you with a wider range of data that is significantly more accurate.

One study found that 69% of subjects enrolled in an online clinical trial reported that they preferred this type of study over those that used other means of data collection.

Ongoing research continues to present in favor of remote data collection, especially in the face of high attrition rates in later trial phases.

Build patient-centric experiences that retain and engage patients in medical research studies

Your medical research app can be configured to deliver tailored content and a highly personalized experience. Some of the features you can add include:

1. Push notifications for helpful tips and reminders
2. Securely pull in data from wearables or medical devices
3. User access to a wide range of media relative to their participation
4. Engage patients with content that is relevant to their area of interest
5. Trigger responses by certain actions or activities
6. Completely HIPAA compliant
7. Simple, intuitive user interface allows for easy adoption

These features will help keep your patients actively involved in the study through to completion, and assure them of confidentiality.

Significant Cost Reductions

A mobile research application allows for remote data collection, which will greatly reduce your cost of acquisition, not to mention the administrative costs of sorting and assessing the data you have collected.

Along with this reduction in costs, you will also enjoy:

1. Higher participation rates
2. Better subject retention
3. A much larger pool of patients to choose from
4. Greater success overall

Data Integrity and Security

Boston Technology medical research applications are fully compliant with next-generation security standards:

1. Provides a reliable paper trail of eligibility, consent, and signatures
2. Data is secured in the cloud
3. Protected by robust encryption and authentication protocols
4. Accessible anytime, from any device

Work the way you want, and encourage your study patients to do the same – it’s an easy win for everybody involved.