Knowing Your Genes: A Key Step in Preventive Healthcare

The Genetic Testing Wave

Genetic testing helps identify increased risks of health problems and genetic predisposition to diseases.

Getting tested and seeking a professional interpretation of the test results empowers patients to proactively take charge of their health and lifestyle.

Across the world, people are increasingly realizing the importance of genetic testing and expert counseling. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics, the projected growth of the genetic counseling field between 2014 and 2024 is as high as 29%, a rate that is said to be ‘much faster than average’ 1.

Practical Applications for Genetic Test Results Interpretation and Management

Interleukin Genetics (ILG) and My Gene Counsel (mGC) are two pioneering companies that offer state-of-the-art digital tools for patients to manage their genetic test reports and their counseling needs.

BTC partnered with these companies to build cloud applications for managing their operations and offerings.

BTC worked with ILG to build a patient-facing system that managed every step in their business process of offering periodontal and weight management genetic tests – from managing test kit inventory and fulfilling kit orders to validating patients’ insurance and providing access to lab reports online.

mGC needed an efficient and automated content management system (CMS) designed for genetic counselors to collaborate on content creation for the genetic counseling services. The CMS was built to facilitate centralized content updates with features such as a reusable repository, targeted publishing and content-tagging for easy search and content classification.

The Technology Enabler

Complex integration with multiple 3rd party systems, conversion of paper-based reports to digital reports using OCR and an evolved, streamlined, user-friendly content management system design were some of the challenges that we eagerly took on with these engagements.

Knowing the Unknown

Jonathan Lockwood Huie once said ‘The greatest fear is the fear of the unknown’.

Knowing and learning about the genes that we carry and pass on from one generation to the next can change lives for the better and lead to improved health outcomes with proactive care management,  preventive healthcare, and lifestyle management.