Why Digital Patient Experience

Digital transformation has given rise to new patient care delivery models and is estimated to result in $300 billion cost savings in health care. 

Going Digital Is Inevitable

Patient care transformation, fueled by technology innovation for data-driven decision making, application interoperability, mobility and patient connectivity, is here to stay.

Patients Are Ready, Are You?

With the ubiquity of mobility, patients have opened up to the digital potential of their care experience. But the full-fledged adoption has been slow because of security and usability concerns that patients have with their digital experience.

Empowering Patients with Secure and Usable Solutions

With patient centricity as the key driver of all its initiatives, BTC has addressed patients’ concerns by providing access to intuitive, elegant, secure and trusted digital health solutions.

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Going Paperless With Patient Surveys Has Far-Reaching Benefits

Hospitals across the United States are going paperless. The rapid implementation of health information technology by hospitals has led to a sharp increase in paperless care.

Knowing Your Genes: A Key Step in Preventive Healthcare

Genetic testing helps identify increased risks of health problems and genetic predisposition to diseases.

Self-Assist tools For Easier Chronic Condition Management

Chronic diseases and health conditions are often incurable and can adversely impact the longevity and quality of a person’s life if not managed actively. 

Tackling Childhood Obesity with Situational Insights on Food Choices

Among the 20 most populous countries, the highest level of obesity among children and young adults was in the United States, at nearly 13%

Capturing and Analyzing Vocal Biomarkers for Depression Research

Biomarkers have been used infrequently in medical research but more recently researchers have been focusing on the untapped potential of certain Biomarkers
Digital Transformation Framework
CMPASS brings agility and direction to our client engagements, leading to successful outcomes

Faster delivery

The verified digital assets and processes in the COMPASS framework speed up the delivery process while ensuring quality and repeatability.
Our library of reusable components and solutions gets the project off the ground quickly and accelerates project delivery.


Unforeseen events in project delivery cannot always be eliminated but they can be significantly reduced by using frameworks that are mature, tested and predictable. Hard-won knowledge from our experience across a multitude of projects has been crystallized into the COMPASS framework, ensuring that the approach to delivery is clear, repeatable and provides results that are predictable.

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